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Jennifer L. Armentrout or to her adult fans J. Lynn is the author of a whole slew of novels. She is also a NYT Bestselling author as well as a USA Today Bestselling Author! Bursting onto the scene initially with her Covenant Series she built a fan base of Young Adult fans. Then came the Lux series and at that point things started spiraling skyward for her.  Later came her adult novels which her readers gobbled right up. Now while working on multiple YA and adult novels/series’ she recently self published a New Adult novel Wait For You. That got the attention of Harper Avon which bought the series for a three book deal. We personally have met Jennifer a couple times (Romantic Times and BEA) and she is absolutely fabulous! I know you guys will eat this interview right up!


JLAWhen did you decide you wanted to write a New Adult novel?

I’d been interested in writing new adult for several years and had a lot of ideas centering around characters who were college aged, but until recently, there was no market for it. New Adult is also a natural step for me. I write YA and adult, so it’s nice to get that in-between. It’s the best of both worlds.

Do you remember at which age you made the switch and started reading Romance Novels?

I started reading romance novels when I was around twelve or thirteen. Historical romance novels. I remember giggling every time I came across ‘manhood’ or ‘heaving bosoms.’ I guess that’s why I always laugh when I hear people complaining about subject matter in YA or NA novels. A lot of teens have grown up or are growing up reading adult romance or adult fiction, so I don’t think we give teens enough credit.

What’s your favorite series you have written so far?

Oh, that’s too hard to pick. It’s usually whatever series I’m currently working on.

If you could marry one of the male leads in your novels, who would you choose?

Probably Cam or Aiden. Both of them would make perfect husbands.

What’s the most romantic thing someones ever done for you?

The way my husband proposed was pretty cool and romantic. It was during a ghost tour in Gettysburg. =)

Does your personal experience work into your writing and plot lines?

Sometimes personal experiences may shape my writing and plot lines, but I try to keep my personal life out of the story, because then you become too close to the story. For me, I need to be able to separate the two.

What’s next for you?

On my YA side of things, Apollyon and Origin are coming out soon, then the last book in the Covenant Series. Early next year, my new YA paranormal series kicks off with Harlequin Teen. In New Adult, Frigid comes out on July 30th and on the adult side, Unchained and Tempting the Bodyguard release this year. I’m gonna be busy. =)

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