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Title: Galley Proof
Author: Eric Arvin
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Type: M/M Romance
Heat Level: 4

Eric Arvin’s Galley Proof is a humorous, sexy, and utterly charming story that will keep readers engaged with its smooth plot and interesting cast of characters.

While I have not read Mr. Arvin’s previous works, his writing in Galley Proof is clean and fluid, which are traits of a talented writer. I enjoyed the first person narrative, which is something most adult romances lack, and was able to relate to Logan even more because of it. However, I was pulled out of the story whenever Logan addresses the reader directly, but this only happens a few times, so I was able to move past it. Mr. Arvin really succeeds in characterization and each character in the book has their own personality, style, and voice. One of my favorite characters is Janey, Logan’s best friend and roommate. I found her to be hilarious!

Logan and Brock’s relationship is sexy and rocky. It has all the right edges and dramatics to keep it interesting, and the two men balance each other wonderfully. Brock is the kind of guy anyone would want: handsome, successful, and attentive in that irritating-but-sexy kind of way. Both he and Logan undergo personal growth and it’s enjoyable to see their stories play out and come together.

Overall, Galley Proof is an engaging read that will pull readers in at page one. Many readers will be able to relate to the importance and need of breaking out of their comfort zones and finding true passion, an idea that the author successfully presents. I look forward to reading more of Eric Arvin’s work!