The Incurable Romantics is the brain child of author DJ DeSmyter of DJ’s Life in Fiction and Erika Stroup of Moonlight Book Reviews. They both started to grow out of the YA genre age group and started flouncing around the adult genre. With the new introduction of the horribly titled genre New Adult, things started changing. Bridging the gap between YA and adult isn’t about creating a new genre. It’s about finding books for people that loved the YA ones but have matured a bit. Erika is entirely new to the adult scene, but DJ has been around for a bit. This blog captures their obsession with hot guys and good literature, because really, what more do you need in life? People may not kiss and tell, but Erika and DJ will certainly read and tell.

Email: theincurableromantics@gmail.com | Twitter: @RomanticReaders


djDJ: An artist at heart. DJ is a photographer, songwriter and author. His first novel Hunted is available now from Pendrell Publishing. When he isn’t listening to Erika rant on Facetime, you can find him scoping out hot guys to email her to brighten her day. He has two cat’s and a reasonable addiction to Twilight (I don’t fully understand this….). The last half of 2012 he spent interning with Entangled Publishing. He currently is looking for a dashing man to sweep him off his feet.


Erika Bio

Erika: Erika is a Doctor Who-obsessed young woman with a flair for humor and fangirling. In 2010, she created Moonlight Book Reviews, a savvy and wildly successful book blog dedicated to Young Adult literature. But as Erika frolicked through life, reading left and right, she soon found herself straying from the YA path and became seduced by the irresistibly sexy—and often shirtless—men of the New Adult/Adult genre. The Incurable Romantics marks her first official foray into the adult romance blogosphere and she is excited to see where this new adventure takes her. When Erika’s not reading, she can be found belting out Taylor Swift songs, going crazy at hockey games, and dreaming of the day when her prince will finally show up. When he does, she’ll be sure to say, “What took you so long?”


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