Author Says: Rachel Kall (LEGALLY UNDERCOVER)

“What does writing mean to you?” — that’s the question we asked Entranced Publishing author Rachel Kall to contemplate for her guest post, and she has delivered a wonderful and insightful answer. If you’re a writer, be sure to tell us what writing means to you, too! And don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

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What writing means to me…

Writing means…




I feel like I was born a writer. Being born a writer doesn’t mean I knew how to write…just that I loved to write, felt the need to write, and believed I had something to say. Like everything in life, to succeed you have to know and understand your craft. Writing is no different. When I was young I wanted to be an English professor. I wrote all the time from poetry, to my journal, to stories. In my academic life, I loved writing papers and scholarly articles. I also feel like I was born a reader. Reading was a huge part of my childhood. I’m so thankful that my parents encouraged my love of reading. But I took many detours before I actually got serious in my adult life about writing fiction. It wasn’t until 2010 that I wrote my first full length work of fiction—a romantic suspense. I loved reading romantic suspense. It made sense that I would start writing in the genre in which I was most familiar and loved the most.

Looking back, I wonder why it took me so long. But I’m here now and very happy to be writing. Writing means a lot to me. I don’t think of writing as work. Maybe one day I will, but I definitely don’t today. Writing is freeing. It’s an outlet for all of my crazy ideas and thoughts that I can’t find a place for anywhere else–especially in the romantic suspense genre, where you’re always in a world of danger and intrigue. Writing is also reading, editing, and researching. All things I love.

I also believe that you have to aim high and dream big. Would I love to be able to make a career out of writing? That would be a dream come true. Of course, not many people are able to quit their day jobs and write full time. I get enough joy from writing to where if that never happened for me I would still keep writing. I’m currently writing romantic suspense. Maybe years from now I could branch out into other genres. I feel like the possibilities are endless, and my love for writing has only grown.

For now I’m excited about my current work in romantic suspense and my forthcoming release from Entranced Publishing titled Legally UndercoverLegally Undercover is about an attorney named Alex. While she’s smart and ambitious, she’s chasing career goals to fill a void in her life–seeking validation from others. In her quest for partnership, she loses her passion for the law and instead focuses only on the elusive goal. She goes on a journey that requires her to question what is truly important in her life.

Which brings me back to what writing means to me. It means doing something that I love. Even though I did take a detour, I’m here now. And I’m loving every minute of the journey.

Legally Undercover

Attorney Alex Popov’s dream of partnership is put to the test when she’s pulled into a top-secret investigation involving arms dealers and one of her clients, Rodrigues Capital. The only good part about her association with the secretive organization is her client contact, Pedro Martín. She’s drawn to him, but he’s hiding something.

When Jacob shows up as a new attorney at Alex’s firm, it’s clear Pedro isn’t the only one with secrets. As Alex tries to determine Jacob’s true identity, she’s drawn closer to Pedro and deeper into the mystery of Rodrigues Capital and its shadowy networks.

Everyone has an agenda. In a world of lies, where no one is what they seem, Alex puts everything — even her dreams of partnership — on the line for love.


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Spotlight: Charlotte Davila (aka. Ashley M. Christman)


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Today, we’d like to shine the spotlight on Entranced Publishing author, Charlotte Davila (aka. Ashley M. Christman), and her upcoming release, The Lady and the Highwayman, a new historical romance! DJ hasn’t read much historical romances, but this one sounds amazing and he can’t wait to read it! And guess what? One lucky reader will win a copy of the book! Yay!

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the lady and the highwayman1600x2400

Lady Elizabeth Bennington has the perfect life: she’s the daughter of an earl and betrothed to her childhood friend, William Hartley, the second son of a duke. But, when her sister’s indiscretion leads to an unplanned pregnancy, and the subsequent disgrace of Elizabeth’s entire family, her idyllic life is thrown into disarray.

First, her fiance is prohibited from marrying her. Then she receives word that William has been killed by thieves. To top it all off, she gets abducted by a highwayman. Can Elizabeth find love again, and with the most unlikely of people?

To purchase: Kobo | Barnes and Noble | Amazon



Every morning, at exactly half past noon, Lady Bennington began her traverse of the entire length of Rathbonne, the Bennington family estate. She did this at the insistence of her Mama, who recommended that she do so in order to have a desirable marriage. It was advice that she took very seriously — that is to say she took only half of it very seriously. She refused to refrain from pastries and pies, both of which satisfied her demanding sweet tooth.

The estate did not make for an easy walk. It spanned over twenty acres and took her the better part of half an hour to complete, if she moved at a leisurely pace. She always moved at a leisurely pace, getting lost in her thoughts and fantasies of faraway lands and foreign cultures. Sometimes, rather than walk back to the house, she would bring a book and stay in the high field amongst the shepherds and their grazing sheep, and read.

This morning she decided that rather than reading in the high field, she’d go to the brook behind the property that divided Rathbonne from the neighboring Highborne estate. Highborne was the country home of the Duke of Staffordshire and his family, with whom the Benningtons were well acquainted. She removed the blanket from under her arm and smoothed it out on the grass beneath the tall oak, making herself cozy enough to lose herself in Paradise Lost.

“Lady Elizabeth, I bid you good afternoon,” a familiar voice yelled in the distance.

Elizabeth looked up from her book. Lord William Hartley, her childhood friend and the second son of the Duke, was approaching on horseback. Will, like herself, was a younger child and the two of them had been raised closely. Unlike Elizabeth, he would inherit property in his own right, and his father’s title if something should cause the death of his brother. Elizabeth’s fortunes relied entirely on her marrying well.



As a child, Ashley M. Christman spent many hours in imaginary worlds, exploring the depths of mythology and immersing herself in a breadth of classics. After spending so much time reading, she decided to try her hand at writing.

An avid fan of film noir, she combines fantasy, noir style heroes and heroines, and the paranormal in a modern day setting in a way that hopefully would make even Bogie proud.

When not writing, she can be found in the wilds of Minnesota enjoying great cuisine, avoiding the gym, and being walked by the dog with her partner, Tom.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | GoodReads


ONLY YOU Blog Tour: Guest Post!

Today is our stop for Lorna Peel’s blog tour for her book, Only You, and Lorna has written a fantastic post about her writing process! Fellow writers, do you have a similar process? Let us know in the comments and be sure add Only You to your reading lists!



How I Write (Plotting or Not)

When I write the first draft of a novel, I try to write it straight through from start to finish, with no stopping to edit or add or remove scenes. I just want to get the first draft done, editing comes later, but I do try and finish a writing session on a cliff-hanger so it’s easier to pick up from there again.

With some novels I’ve known exactly where it is going from the beginning but with most of them I haven’t had a clue! I’m not entirely sure if this is a good idea but being a pantser does mean that there are no clues along the way as to how things will pan out. I don’t think there is a right way of writing a novel, you just need to work out what is right for you and that particular novel otherwise you’re going to find yourself staring at a blank screen!

I don’t set myself targets of, say, two thousand words a session, as that’s just putting myself under unnecessary pressure but if I do find myself writing to a deadline at some point in the future then I’d have to reconsider. Whether I’d worry more about the word target than the actual writing, though, I don’t know.

When I started writing I wrote in longhand in spiral bound notebooks. This suited me because back then I was just writing for me. It wasn’t until I started out on the road to publication that I started writing on the PC and now the laptop. It also means that I have to type out all the novels I wrote in longhand and, as I’m an atrocious typist, it takes ages and I still have a couple of notebooks I really must get to!

Generally, I write in the evening and late at night. I can do other types of writing during the day – answering e-mails and updating my blog or website – but I need the peace and quiet of late night for writing novels. Whether this will change as I get older, I don’t know, as it works well for me at the moment. But if I wake up in the morning with the imprint of the keyboard down one side of my face and twenty pages of the letter ‘h’ on the screen, then it’s time for a re-think!


Lorna Peel lives in County Sligo, Ireland, and when she’s not writing, she researches her family history. She’s had some pretty varied jobs, including Tour Guide, Professional Genealogist, Bookseller, and Census Enumerator, but she thinks she’s going to enjoy being an author best of all.

To find out more about Lorna Peel and her writing, visit the following sites:

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | GoodReads 


Jane Hollinger is single, divorced, and the wrong side of thirty – as she puts it. Her friends are pressuring her to dive back into London’s dating pool, but she’s content with her quiet life as a genealogy teacher.

Robert Armstrong is every woman’s fantasy: handsome, charming, rich and famous. When he asks her to meet him, she convinces herself it’s because he needs her help with a mystery in his family tree. Soon she realizes he’s interested in more than her genealogical expertise. Now the paparazzi want a piece of Jane too.

Can Jane handle living – and loving – in the spotlight? 

Author Interview: Jennifer L. Armentrout / J. Lynn


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Jennifer L. Armentrout or to her adult fans J. Lynn is the author of a whole slew of novels. She is also a NYT Bestselling author as well as a USA Today Bestselling Author! Bursting onto the scene initially with her Covenant Series she built a fan base of Young Adult fans. Then came the Lux series and at that point things started spiraling skyward for her.  Later came her adult novels which her readers gobbled right up. Now while working on multiple YA and adult novels/series’ she recently self published a New Adult novel Wait For You. That got the attention of Harper Avon which bought the series for a three book deal. We personally have met Jennifer a couple times (Romantic Times and BEA) and she is absolutely fabulous! I know you guys will eat this interview right up!


JLAWhen did you decide you wanted to write a New Adult novel?

I’d been interested in writing new adult for several years and had a lot of ideas centering around characters who were college aged, but until recently, there was no market for it. New Adult is also a natural step for me. I write YA and adult, so it’s nice to get that in-between. It’s the best of both worlds.

Do you remember at which age you made the switch and started reading Romance Novels?

I started reading romance novels when I was around twelve or thirteen. Historical romance novels. I remember giggling every time I came across ‘manhood’ or ‘heaving bosoms.’ I guess that’s why I always laugh when I hear people complaining about subject matter in YA or NA novels. A lot of teens have grown up or are growing up reading adult romance or adult fiction, so I don’t think we give teens enough credit.

What’s your favorite series you have written so far?

Oh, that’s too hard to pick. It’s usually whatever series I’m currently working on.

If you could marry one of the male leads in your novels, who would you choose?

Probably Cam or Aiden. Both of them would make perfect husbands.

What’s the most romantic thing someones ever done for you?

The way my husband proposed was pretty cool and romantic. It was during a ghost tour in Gettysburg. =)

Does your personal experience work into your writing and plot lines?

Sometimes personal experiences may shape my writing and plot lines, but I try to keep my personal life out of the story, because then you become too close to the story. For me, I need to be able to separate the two.

What’s next for you?

On my YA side of things, Apollyon and Origin are coming out soon, then the last book in the Covenant Series. Early next year, my new YA paranormal series kicks off with Harlequin Teen. In New Adult, Frigid comes out on July 30th and on the adult side, Unchained and Tempting the Bodyguard release this year. I’m gonna be busy. =)

Make sure you check out all of Jennifer’s novels along with the teasers and release date info! 


Official Launch and a Giveaway!


It’s official! We’re live! Well, the site’s technically been live for a few weeks now, but this time it’s legit. We are so excited to start bringing this site to life and we hope you all enjoy the ride.

Now, you might be thinking, “Cool. Now what?” Well, to celebrate our official launch, we will be posting interviews with some fantastic authors, sharing photos of hot guys (because it’s a necessity), and, of course, posting reviews for our recent reads. Oh, and we’ll be giving away some books! Yay! Free stuff!

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