Review Request Guidelines

Please send all requests and inquiries to:


If you are an author or publisher who would like the Incurable Romantics to consider a title for review, please read the following guidelines before sending us your pitch.

• We do not accept nor receive any monetary compensation for our reviews.
• All reviews contain our own thoughts on the material.
• We cannot guarantee a review for every book we receive, but we will certainly try our hardest to review books we’ve accepted.
• If a book has not hooked us by a certain mark (50-100 pages), we will set it aside and inform the author/publisher that we could not finish the book. If desired, we can provide constructive feedback as to why we could not finish it.
• When pitching a book for consideration, please be professional, creative, and enthusiastic! A good pitch goes a long way!

Erika’s Wish List:

• New Adult
• Paranormal
• Science Fiction
• Dystopians
• Contemporary
• The Triple H Threats: Hockey, Hot guys, Hot scenery.

DJ’s Wish List:

• Paranormal
• Contemporary
• Military
• Science Fiction
• Stories featuring gay (M/M) romances

We are also happy to conduct interviews and giveaways.


All books we receive from authors and/or publishers are provided in exchange for honest reviews.


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